Accomplishments - 2006

  • January 2006 - We officially became a registered community-based organization which allows us to operate with non-profit status in the Uasin Gishu District of Kenya.
  • February 2006 - David Kipkorir has negotiated for 2 acres of land located adjacent to a small church.

    David with his wife Purity, sister-in-law and four daughters

  • March 2-4, 2006 - Jayne met with staff of ECHO (Educational Concerns for Hunger Organization) a non-profit organization located in North Fort Myers, Florida that offers technical support to organizations in the area of agriculture.
  • March 2006 - Harvest Grove team is preparing the land by clearing existing growth.

Kosgei Agness has agreed to volunteer to train members of Harvest Grove Community Center. Kosgei has been trained by the Kipkaren river training center in Bio-intensive gardening, home care and bible study

Kosgei lectured on how to prepare raised beds. Later members asked a lot of questions about how to prepare their gardens and about nutrition.

  • April 2006 - We have raised enough for money to pay for one of the two acres of land. The Harvest Grove team invited members of the community to the center to learn about our objectives. We now have 35 members of the community interested in participating in small plot farming as we apply for grants to acquire trees. We also have plans for a children's garden.

    Kosgei shares her knowledge with Harvest Grove team in demonstration garden.
  • May 2006 - Harvest Grove members are busy digging holes for trees and fence posts. We are making plans for building a well. Kosgei Agness teaches her skills to members in the demonstration garden.
  • June - Seeds are purchased by community members
  • December 2006 - The purchase of the property is completed
Accomplishments - 2007
  • January 2007 - As a thank you gift for David and his family, funds are donated by someone for David to purchase a dairy cow. The cow costs $350, an annual salary for someone living in this region
  • January 2007 - Vincent Kibor Mutai joins the Harvest Grove team as our second trainer.
  • January 2007 - The fence is completed
  • February 2007 - Vincent Kibor Mutai joins Harvest Grove's team as a volunteer trainer. So now we have two trainers; Kosgei Agness (pictured above) and Vincent
  • Finished the above-ground brickwork of the well and build the 'cho' (latrine) over the holes that were dug last year
  • Purchased water tanks and pressure taps to provide water for the drought season.
  • Purchased more tree seedlings
  • June 2007 - Planted red beans and passion fruit.

Accomplishments - 2008

  • Harvest Grove members and community rebuild after the violent outbreak of the December elections
  • Harvest Grove experiments with Hybrid corn, Sorghum and Millet.
  • Ground is broken and supplies collected for building lecture hall/community center.

Accomplishments - 2009

  • First quarter - Ground cleared of maize and murram collected to prepare for building of community center lecture hall.
  • Second quarter - Building of lecture hall begins. Well is dug another 25 feet deeper to accommodate the building process. Roof material is stored in neighboring homes as we wait for opportunity to purchase 3000 more bricks to finish the walls.
  • Harvest Grove Board members travel to Nairobi to complete registration of non-profit status. The local government urged us to elevate our CBO (community-based organization) status to NGO.
  • A member of Cornerstone purchased a new cow for David's family to replace the cow that was lost during the violence outbreak last year.
  • Brian Kiplagat is born. This is David's first baby boy. David has five girls.
  • Third quarter - We raised money for the building through our annual fundraiser sponsored by the Hafif Family Foundation Concert Under the Stars. The final balance of the funds needed for 3000 more bricks was donated in December 2009.
  • Fourth quarter - A greenhouse was donated to the Harvest Grove Community Center
  • Magdeline, a student from the Empowering Lives International agricultural program, served her attachment (internship) for three months as an assistant to the Harvest Grove Farm.
  • Jayne Hayes, co-founder of Harvest Grove visited the Harvest Grove Community. Jayne met with neighbors and church members during her two-week stay with David's family.
  • Basic jewelry-making workshops were held at the community center site in between rains.
  • Photos taken by Jayne Hayes of her trip to Kenya were on display in November and December at the Village Bookshop in uptown Glendora. If you missed the photo show, you can view the photo gallery online.
  • Funds were sent to purchase more fruit trees.
  • Crops suffer from drought

Accomplishments - 2010:

  • Despite delays from heavy rains, the roof is installed on the community center.
  • Funds ($581) are raised through annual Concert Under the Stars event to cover finishing costs such as floor, windows and doors.
  • Members of the women's jewelrymaking group use money from selling vegetables from their home gardens to purchase chickens and cows for members of the group.
  • One corner of the property is dedicated to plants sampling the medicinal use plants that have been researched with the help of elders from the community.
  • David's cow has a calf enabling his family to eventually have additional milk to provide to the community.
  • More Fruit trees are planted (July)
  • Harvest Grove Community Center holds a celebration. Members of the community commend the center for its excellence. 80 adults and 120 youths attend bringing attention to how badly we need furniture for the lecture hall.

Accomplishments - 2011:

  • The community center has a roof, windows and doors.
  • The gentleman who sold us the HarvestGrove property offers to sell us four acres of land adjacent to the Harvest Grove property. We seef funds and negotiate.
  • The jewelry-making group has found a source of beads and wire in Kenya and have made plans to purchase tools for each member. The 35 women have a goal to make 100 pieces of Afrikan jewelry and then find a market for their jewelry outside of the community.
  • A solar panel was purchased and donated to the community center ($510.50). The panel was installed on the roof of the community center but, unfortunately, there have been thefts of solar panels in the area and so the board decided to remove the panel and store it until it can be secured better.

Accomplishments - 2012:

  • February 2012 - Local bee keeper, Joseph Songok shares some knowledge on how to keep bees.
  • Offer price of adjacent land is reduced but we still have no funds to purchase.
  • A small mud house is built on property to shelter watchmen during the rainy season.
  • Annual fundraiser raises $1159.84 and community center uses funds to purchase 40 chairs and two tables. Funds are also used to pay land tax and registration fees to Kenya Power and Light Company.
  • November 2012 - The area of Kapsaret lost 20 family-owned cows to an outbreak of disease.

Accomplishments - 2013:

  • Numbers of cows dead from the epidemic rises to 60. The government steps in and promises to repair local cow dip that was not maintianed properly and place it under new management.
  • Annual summer fundraiser raises $640 to purchase at least one cow. Harvest Grove founders approach Heifer International to partner with them to address the need for cows to provide milk to families in the community.

Accomplishments - 2014:

  • Annual summer fundraiser ticket raises $560 to pay for Chabet (daughter of ELI Training Center kitchen employee), the youngest daughter of Mama Chiry, to attend her first year of college at Bukura Agricultural Institute. This is a 3 year course and the fees are $800 per year.

Accomplishments - 2015:

  • Annual summer fundraiser ticket sales funded school fees for Chabet (daughter of ELI Training Center kitchen employee), the youngest daughter of Mama Chiry, to attend her second year of college at Bukura Agricultural Institute.

Accomplishments - 2016:

  • Annual summer fundraiser ticket sales used to assist Chabet with University fees.

Accomplishments - 2017:

  • Annual summer fundraiser - no tickets sold

Accomplishments - 2018:

  • Annual summer fundraiser - no tickets sold

Letter from David - 2018

Greetings Jayne and family.

Hope you are doing well same to us here in Kenya. We were in the farm doing some work with Isack on Saturday 9th and were able to plan on some activities to be done like cultivating the land before rains in March.

We raised some funds to purchase a new pump.This will make the work easier to pump water from the well for domestic use.

Pray for us to have a Library. We have approximately one hundred youths who are intrested in learning about agriculture and computer skills. The women wish for sewing machines.Kindly stand with us and the community will benefit from the center.

in Gods love David and Isack.

Wish List

  • Build a latrine for the commmunity center (500USD)
  • Computer(s) so that community members will have Internet access without having to go all the way to the town of Eldoret
  • A fruit kiosk for community members to sell/trade vegetables
  • Kitchen area with a bread oven
  • Sewing machine(s)

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