Who We Will Serve
The Uasin Gishu District is located near the growing town of Eldoret. There has been an influx of people moving into the area from the town. There is little work. The area has traditionally been agricultural, and now there is little land to graze animals. Those who migrated from other areas are renting small plots in the fields which do not yield enough food for their families. The migration of people has also brought different values, and the realization of AIDs has infiltrated this community.

The Harvest Grove Community Center provides a place for people to learn agricultural skills, and to share cultural values in the local community. The community wishes to fortify morals based on the Judeo-Christian ethics, and to learn about AIDs and its prevention. The center endeavors to increase health in the community by providing nutrition and plants that promote good health; to grow trees that produce fruit, to teach the process of canning, and eventually have kiosks set up like a farmers market to sell their crops, and decrease the spread of AIDs through education.

Board Members of Harvest Grove Self-Help Project (2007)

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